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Installation of E-Business Suite 11i on HP-UX

Posted by appsinfo on August 4, 2008

Step by Step Installation of Oracle E-Business Suite 11i on HP-UX


1) After the stage is created or it is accessible using the mount nfs command, we can start with the installation.


2) Create a directory ‘oracle’ at the mount point where the installation is to be carried out. (/oradev/oracle).


3) Give full pemissions oracle directory (chmod 777 oracle from root).


4) Switch to user oracle using the command:

$ su oracle

Note: Do not use “su – oracle” while switching user, because the values of environment variables will not be passed from user root to oracle.


4) Start rapidwiz from the stage area (startCD/Disk1), Rapid installation wizard will open.


5) These are the relevant steps to be followed during the wizard:

                a) Select the wizard operation: Install Oracle Applications E-Business 11i

                b) Select the existing config file if you want to use it from previous instalation.          

(select Option ‘No’)

                c) Select the Installation Type (Single Node)

                d) Define Database Type (Fresh Database). Give Database Name (CRP).

                e) Database install information for the information will be displayed. Enter the OS Group (oinstall) and Base Install Directory (oraapps/oracle). Check for Derived mount         points displayed after you enter the Base install directory.

                f) Select licencing type (E-Business Suite licencing)

                g) Select the licence products.

                h) Select the country of preference (Saudi Arabia)(Only when you are using NLS)

                i) Select the additional language (American English – US and Arabic – AR)

                j) Select international settings

                                Base Language: American_English – US

                                Default Territory – America

                                Database Character Set – AR8MSWIN1256

                                APPL_TOP characterset – AR8MSWIN1256

                                IANA Character Set – WINDOWS – 1256

                k) Enter the JDK Install location (/opt/java1.4)

                l) Enter the global system settings

                                Domain Name: 

                                X Display: hostname:0.0

                                Select the port pool.

                m) Enter the path for the configuration file.

                n) Validate system configuration form will appear. The instance should have passed all       the pre-install tests.

                o) Click next to start installing the application.

                p) After the installation is done, the instance should have passed all the post-install tests.


6) After installation is complete, update the etc/hosts file on the client machine.             crp                         


7) Login using the following URL: (


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