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ERP Patch Requirement

Posted by appsinfo on November 2, 2008

Process of Applying Patch


1. First take Cold backup or Hot Backup of production environment before applying any patch.


2. Bring the production environment down or take online backup, apply the patch. (on RAC/HA as the case maybe)


3. Do the impact analysis on the production environment or test:


·          However if everything is ok let users use the instance.

·          else bring down the instance and restore from the previous backup (i.e. the backup taken just before applying the patch)


4. Oracle application patches are of various type.





Common Reasons for Applying Patches


  • Fixing an existing issue/bugs (Most of the time)
  • Adding a new feature or functionality (one/two times in a year, based on needs)
  • Applying the latest product enhancements. (Rarely-depends  on enhancements given by oracle on existing releases)



**Note: Based on the type of patch, it may update the file system, or the database, or both.

Patch Types


There are several types of patches that you may be asked to apply to your Oracle Applications system. They are described as:


·      Bug Fix

·      New Features

·      Interoperability

·      Diagnostics

·      Translation

·      Upgrade

·      Documentation



Patch Formats


Patches are released in the following formats. If a patch format is described as

cumulative, that patch contains a consolidation of updates from the inception of Release

11i, up to, and including, the latest release level.


·      Stand-alone

·      High-priority

·      Minipack

·      Family Pack

·      Consolidated Update

·      Family Consolidated Upgrade Patch

·      Maintenance Pack



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