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New Backup Features in Oracle Database 10g Release 2

Posted by appsinfo on November 15, 2008

Backup Set Encryption
Backup security is vital to the well-being of any company. Backups should only be able to be opened and read by their creators. With Oracle Database 10gR2, backup sets made to disk can now be encrypted, for the whole database or particular tablespaces, using the new CONFIGURE ENCRYPTION FOR [DATABASE | TABLESPACE …] option.

Unused Block Compression
With unused block compression (enabled by default), only the currently used blocks are read and written during a full backup. This speeds up backups and reduces backup size. In previous releases, blocks that are currently unused, but had been used at some point in the past, were required to continue to be backed up. Also, blocks that have never been used are never backed up.

Dynamic Channel Allocation for RAC Environments
By configuring the PARALLELISM parameter, RMAN will dynamically allocate the specified number of channels across all active RAC nodes, to perform the backup or restore operation. RMAN utilizes Oracle Clusterware (formerly known as Cluster Ready Services) to allocate channels to the least loaded nodes, to perform the operations. In this way, the overall backup or restore workload can be distributed across the RAC nodes more efficiently.

Enterprise Manager Enhancements
Oracle Enterprise Manager, a single, integrated solution for administering and monitoring systems and applications based on the Oracle technology stack, is further enhanced for managing and monitoring backup jobs.

Database Control allows DBAs to view all backup jobs by date range and backup type (e.g. full, datafile, archive log), along with their status (e.g. “completed”, “completed with warnings”), input and output sizes, and output rate. Each backup job can be further drilled down to review input files and output backup sets/image copies, their sizes, and compression ratio (if enabled).

Grid Control offers several enhancements to manage backups across the enterprise. Backup jobs can be viewed across all target databases, and a failed job can be easily restarted without having to resubmit the job again. In case a backup job fails, the DBA can be notified immediately via email. In addition, user-defined RMAN scripts can be created as jobs and applied to any number of target databases. The recovery wizard has also been enhanced to allow restore and recovery to a different Oracle home, in the event that the original Oracle home or database is lost.


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