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New Backup Features in Oracle Database 11g

Posted by appsinfo on November 15, 2008

Data Recovery Advisor
The Data Recovery Advisor is a new tool aimed at reducing a user’s time spent analyzing and formulating a suitable recovery plan for a given failure. A ‘failure’ in the context of the DRA can be a missing, inaccessible, or wrong version of a file (e.g. control file, data file), physical corruptions resulting from I/O errors, or logical block inconsistency. After identifying all current failures, the DRA then recommends the optimal, feasible recovery plan, and if the user desires, automatically executes a selected recovery plan. All DRA functions can be accessed via EM or RMAN’s command-line interface.

Multisection Backups
RMAN can back up or restore a single file in parallel by dividing the work among multiple channels. Each channel backs up one file section, which is a contiguous range of blocks. This speeds up overall backup and restore performance, and particularly for bigfile tablespaces, in which a data file can be sized upwards of several hundred GB to TB’s.

Fast Backup Compression
In addition to the Oracle Database 10g backup compression algorithm (BZIP2), RMAN now supports the ZLIB algorithm, which offers 40% better performance, with a trade-off of no more than 20% lower compression ratio, versus BZIP2.

Network-enabled Database Duplication
A clone database on a remote site can now be easily created directly over the network with the enhanced DUPLICATE command, without the need for existing backups.

Virtual Private Catalog
A recovery catalog administrator can grant visibility of a subset of registered databases in the catalog to specific RMAN users.

Integration with Windows Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS)
The Oracle database can participate in the VSS infrastructure on Windows platforms, with compatible backup management applications and storage systems. This feature allows VSS-enabled backup management applications to snapshot the Oracle database and restore at the datafile, tablespace, or database level.


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