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Custom Top Setup

Posted by appsinfo on February 24, 2009

create TABLESPACE custom DATAFILE ’E:\oracle\devdata\custom01.dbf’ size 1024mb;

create user XXABC identified by XXABC default tablespace custom temporary tablespace TEMP quota unlimited on custom quota unlimited on TEMP;

grant connect,resource to xxabc

system administrator->security-oracle->register

Username Password Privilege Install Group Description
XXCUS CUST Enabled 0 Custom Application

system admiministrator->applications->register

Application ShorName Base Path Description
———– ——– ——— ———–

Bog custom application xxabc xxabc_TOP custom applications

Add the custom schema to a data group. Log into Applications as the System
Administrator and navigate to: Security –> ORACLE –> DataGroup.

For example:

Data Group: Standard
Description: Standard Data Group

Application Oracle ID Description
———————- ———— ———————–
ABC Custom Application APPS Custom Application

It is recommend that you use the STANDARD datagroup and pair the custom schema
with APPS or you can add a new data group. This depends upon your own

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