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Applying AD.I.6 Mini Pack on Windows 2003

Posted by appsinfo on February 28, 2009

Applying AD.I.6 on in windows 2003 enviornment


System Requirements

Make sure your system meets the following requirements before you begin the process of applying this minipack.

·         Perl executable (5.004 minimum; 5.005 perferred) is set in your PATH before you apply this minipack.

·         FNDLOAD executable

Ensure all application tier server nodes contain the FNDLOAD executable in the $FND_TOP/bin directory. If the executable is not present, apply patch 2684116 on all nodes. When applying AD.I.6 (6502082), apply it on all forms/web server nodes first, and then on the administration server node.

Prerequisites patches


Step 1: If you have already applied this minipack… Apply this patch…


AD minipack H (included in Release 11.5.9) or higher 3464936 (Windows only) 


Step 2:  For windows apply 6773659 before applying AD.I.6 patch to ensure that application executable in AD_TOP are updated after you apply AD.I.6 Patch (LS – UNRESOLVED EXTERNAL SYMBOL _STRCASECMP. Note this patch is required before applying AD.I.6 


Step 2: Verify that you have implemented the architectural change (conditionally required)

Unzip under $JAVA_TOP on all application tier nodes, if you have not done so already.

Step 3: Convert to Multiple Organizations (Recommended)

Oracle Applications strongly recommends that you convert to Multi-Org as soon as possible so that you will be prepared for improvements to performance across the E-Business Suite as well as support for Multi-Org Access Control.

For more information, see Release 11i Use of Multiple Organizations in Oracle Applications (OracleMetaLink Document 210193.1).


Step 4: Apply the Minipack AD.I.6 (6502082)

This minipack contains a unified patch driver and may contain additional driver files to be applied with AutoPatch. Apply the unified driver file on all application tier server nodes.


Post-minipack Steps


Step 1: Grant privileges and create PL/SQL profiler objects

Run the adgrants.sql script as a user that can connect as SYSDBA to grant privileges to selected SYS objects and create PL/SQL profiler objects.


copy adgrants_nt.sql (Windows) from %APPL_TOP%\admin to %ORACLE_HOME%\appsutil\admin.

Set the environment to point to ORACLE_HOME on the database server.

Use SQL*Plus to run the script:


     C:\> sqlplus /nolog
     SQL> connect / as sysdba
     SQL> @%ORACLE_HOME%\appsutil\admin\adgrants_nt.sql <APPLSYS schema name>

Step 2: Unzip under $JAVA_TOP (conditionally required)

If you have already unzipped, Run Auto Config else refer (233044.1)

Step 3: Run AutoConfig

If your installation is then you can directly run autoconfig on application tier or if the application is not autoconfig enable refer (OracleMetaLink Document 165195.1) 


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