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Single Node Cloning on Win03 Enviornment

Posted by appsinfo on March 2, 2009

Single Node Cloning

In the last post we have discussed about what cloning is, now we will learn how to clone an ERP instance in a single node enviornment ie single node to single node cloning.

Operating Sytem Pre-Requsites:

  1.  VC++ 6.0
  2.  VC ++ Service Pack 5 or higher
  3.  MKS 8.0.
  4. GNU Make 3.77
  5. Zip utility 3.0.

Application Pre-Requisites

Single Node cloning is simple, how ever you need to install Rapid Clone and AutoConfig patches, then you are ready to clone an instance. 


Developer 6i Patch

6372396–Latest TXK Autoconfig and Template Patch

Following are the basic steps in cloning the ERP application in windows enviornment:

Before going to the below steps you need to run the enviornment file on database tier and application tier accordingly.

Apply the above patches follow the readme document carefully.

Step 1: Prepare for source database clone:

cd E:\oracle\devdb\10.2.0\appsutil\scripts\dev_mydomain

perl dbTier

Step 2:  Prepare for source application clone:

cd %COMMON_TOP%/admin/scripts/<SID>

perl appsTier

Step 3:  Copy the application tier file system and Data files:

Logon to the source system as APPLMGR and shut down the server processes.

Copy the following application directories from the source to the target node/file system or you can copy all the tops

  • %APPL_TOP%
  • %OA_HTML%
  • %OA_JAVA%
  • %COMMON_TOP%/util
  • %COMMON_TOP%/clone
  • %806 ORACLE_HOME%

Shut down the source database and copy it to the target node/file system.

Restart the source database and source application server processes.

Step 4:  Configure the target system database sever:

cd %ORACLE_HOME%/appsutil/clon/bin

perl dbTier

Step 5:  Configure the target system application tier:

cd %COMMON_TOP%/clone/bin

perl appsTier

Note: If you are using Oracle Workflow, you must update wf_notification_attributes and wf_item_attribute_values.


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