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Hot Database Refresh

Posted by appsinfo on July 27, 2009

Hot Database Refresh

This is with reference to the COLD Database Refresh. Here we will see how to refresh the test database from production instance which is online 24/7. (Basically Hot Database Refresh).

You have make sure that all the archive logs that are generated must be applied to the target instance upto the point you like to refresh the database.

1. Run Hot Backup script
alter database begin backup;
host copy E:\oracle\testdata\*  F:\BACKUP\data\
alter database end backup;

2. Copy all the dbfs  and Archive logs generated from the production instance to the target instance

3. Connect in nomount phase
   sqlplus “/as sysdba”
   startup nomount

4. Run the ctlfile.sql   @E:\ctlfile.sql
   Control file created

5. Recover the database using the control file.
SQL>recover database using backup controlfile until cancel
– apply the suggested archivelog file until you wish to recover the data, then specify cancel, which will return media recovery cancelled

6. Once you receive media recovery cancelled. Open the database using:
SQL>alter database open resetlogs.

7. Reuse the temp file
SQL> alter tablespace TEMP add tempfile ‘E:\oracle\uatdata\temp01.dbf’ size 520m reuse autoextend off;
Tablespace altered.

Note: Follow the other steps mentioned in COLD Database refresh.


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