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Multi-Node Installation on Windows

Posted by appsinfo on September 1, 2009

Multi-Node Installation on Windows 2003 Server

In a multi-node installation, you install both application tier and database tier servers across two or more nodes. You use the Rapid Install wizard to collect and save the configuration values. To perform the installation, you run Rapid Install by pointing to the configuration (config.txt file). Then, you use the same configuration values to set up all the other nodes in the system.  

Navigate to the partition where stage area is created. (Presuming that partition to be G 🙂

 E:\> cd Stage11i\startCD\Disk1\rapidwiz

E:\Stage11i\startCD\Disk1\rapidwiz> rapidwiz.cmd 

Database Tier Node 1: 

  • Step 1: Choose an installation operation.
  • Step 2: Choose configuration/Installation Type. ( Multi node).
  • Step 3: Use Load Balancing (in our case do not enable load balancing).
  • Step 4: Assign servers to nodes and indicate operating system. (do not select shared application tier file system).
  • Step 5: Define Database type (Fresh Database) and specify the database name (PROD).
  • Step 6: Setup database installation directory.
  • Step 7: Select product license type.
  • Step 8: Select country specific functionality.
  • Step 9: Select additional languages (in our case we select Arabic).
  • Step 10: Select internationalization (NLS) settings.
  • Step 11: Enter node-specific information for “Install” nodes.
  • Step 12: Review global settings. (i.e. specify port pool from the list of port pools available).
  • Step 13: Save configuration file (i.e. config.txt).
  • Step 14: Review pre-installation checks.
  • Step 15: Begin the installation on first node (i.e. on Database tier).

Application Tier Node 2:

 Setting Up the Other Node (Application Tier)

 You have finished the configuration and setup of the first node where you installed the database — the first step in a multi-node installation.  Now, run Rapid Install on Application tier node  in your system using the same configuration file you used for the database node. You can set up additional nodes in any order. 

  • Copy the configuration file (config.txt) you saved at Database tier node to each of the Application tier nodes. 
  • On the application tier  nodes, start Rapid Install, and choose the Install Oracle Applications E-Business 11i option. Click Next to continue. 
  • Because you set up the parameters for all nodes when you first created the configuration file, Rapid Install goes directly to the pre-install test and begins the validation process.  
  • Review or resolve any issues flagged with ‘!’ or ‘x’ on the Pre-install Checks screen. If necessary, click Back to return to the appropriate screen(s) and make necessary changes. Save the config.txt file and then click Next to re-run the pre-install test. If there are no issues listed on the summary screen, click Next to continue. 
  • Click Next when each alert screen is displayed. Rapid Install begins the installation on this application tier node.
  • Once application installation is completed check the post-installation steps and login into the application to confirm successfull installation.

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