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DB Opatch

Posted by appsinfo on February 15, 2010

What is Opatch?

OPatch is a java based utility that allow the application and rolling back of interim patches to an Oracle product. The program has sub-commands that may take arguments. The program requires Java(JVM) to be present on the current system.OPatch expects users to have commands such as fuser, jar, ar and make on Unix platforms and jar on Windows platforms to be available in their PATH.

How to check the Opatch version?

$opatch version
Invoking OPatch

OPatch Version:

OPatch succeeded.

How to know which version is the correct version of Opatch for your RDBMS home?

You can verify whether the Opatch version for your RDBMS release is correct or not using metalink note ID 357221.1.

This note ID gives the copatibilities between OPatch version and RDBMS version.

How to get the latest version of OPatch?

You can download the latest version of OPatch from metalink using following URL.

In the release dropdown you can select the OPatch release that you want to download based on your RDBMS version. Please read the README.txt before applying the patch.

What is Oracle Database Inventory and where it is located?

Oracle Inventory is the location or the place where all the information about an Oracle Home is stored and maintained. When ever we install an RDBMS Oracle Home, a new inventory gets created. Applying any new patch to Oracle Home will update the inventory for that Oracle Home and record the details for the patch applied. This inventory is in the form of XML files.

The location of inventory is defined in a file called oraInst.loc. The path for this file is provided while installing Oracle Home. If we dont supply any path, the file will be present at central location /etc/oraInst.loc. Also we can have a central inventory if its not used by any other oracle installation. If the central inventory is used by previous Oracle installation we can create local inventory. The content of oraInst.loc file is as shown below.

$ cat oraInst.loc

Opatch help

You can get all the options using opatch -help

$opatch -help
Invoking OPatch

Oracle Interim Patch Installer version
Copyright (c) 2007, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

Usage: opatch [ -help ] [ -r[eport] ] [ command ]

command := apply

<global_arguments> := -help Displays the help message for the command.
-report Print the actions without executing.

‘opatch -help’
‘opatch apply -help’
‘opatch lsinventory -help’
‘opatch prereq -help’
‘opatch rollback -help’
‘opatch util -help’

OPatch succeeded.

You can get specific help for any command of opatch using opatch <command> -help. Example opatch apply -help.

I will post an example on how to apply DB Interim and PSU patch shortly.


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