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Application Tier and not working

Posted by appsinfo on February 27, 2010

Not able to start Application Tier using and, however each individual script was working fine


2/24/10-12:41:23 :: Database connection could not be established. Either the database is down or the APPS credentials supplied are wrong.
USAGE: <appsusername/appspassword>

I raised SR still not able to get the solution.

1.  Stop All services one by one  and  run  autoconfig, however this also didnt worked out.


Diagnose as last change was with OS patches that there were some Linux OS security updates and fixes that was applied.  However the server was not restarted. I restared the server and then both and were working fine.

Still exact reason havent been figured out.


3 Responses to “Application Tier and not working”

  1. I had this issue recently as well for Oracle R12 EBS middle tier application server. I solved the issue by starting the OHS server with start and then I ran the script which started all of the remaining Application tier services successfully.


  2. abdelfattah said

    USAGE: -nodbchk
    or -secureapps

  3. Mohammad Shahnawaz said


    In my case, I have been connected the virtual machine using wifi. so once the wifi is started, new IP has been configured or added. that’s why services are not able to run.
    a solution for me, first I checked the IP using ifconfig command, after that I change the IP in hosts file.

    Mohammad Shahnawaz

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