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Archive for the ‘FAQ Cloning’ Category

Rapid Cloning FAQ’s

Posted by appsinfo on November 17, 2008

What is Cloning?


Cloning is the act of creating an identical copy of an already existing Oracle Applications system. The new system and the existing system must be initially identical in these aspects:


  • Component versions
  • Platform type

 Why Cloning?


Situations that may require cloning include:


• Creating a copy of the production system for testing updates.

• Migrating an existing system to new hardware.

• Creating a stage area to reduce patching downtime.


 What is Rapid Clone?


The Rapid Clone utility:


• Preserves Oracle Applications configuration information specific to the target system.

• Removes components of the file system.

• Re-implements the saved configuration on the target system.

• Is applied in pre-install mode to all APPL_TOPs on the source system.


 How many cloning phases are there?


The main phases of cloning are:


• Prerequisite steps

• Clone Oracle Applications

– Prepare the source system

– Copy the source system to the target system

– Configure target system

• Perform finishing tasks

• Test the target system


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