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Archive for the ‘Requirement Gathering’ Category

System Requirement for EBS on Windows 2003

Posted by appsinfo on March 1, 2009

Requirement Gathering

 Before you begin the installtion at client place you need to collect the requirements of servers, networks, architecture, liciencing and there backup strategy. Once you are done with all these you can begin installation. Usually at some client locations you can experience that architecture, their network setup can be changed.

 Verify system requirements

 1.       Check memory, swap and temp space

2.       Verify OS version and patch levels

3.       Verify package requirements  

 Pre-installation Setup

 1.       Verify/add Oracle and database mount points

2.       Create Oracle groups

3.       Create Oracle user account

4.       Set Oracle user environment

5.       Assign Oracle User to Administrator group(Local) and as Domain User

 Pre-Installation (E-Business Suite

 1.       Install Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

2.       Apply Visual C++ Service pack 5 or Higher

3.       Install MKS Tool kit 8.0

4.       Install and Configure GNUMAKE 3.77 

Install E-Business Suite

 1.       Run rapidwiz as Oracle user

2.       Remember to select NLS as Arabic

3.       Follow necessary mount point locations for Database Tier and Application Tier. 

Post Installation

1.       Maintain Multi-Lingual tables.

2.       Apply NLS Driver (Arabic)

3.       Run Forms, Report and Messages files for Arabic Language.


 1.       Perform complete Backups after fresh install, MO, Patches etc.

2.       Plan backup strategy (Cold and Hot backup/RMAN). 

Network Configuration

 1. Verify sqlnet.ora, tnsnames.ora and listener.ora configuration files exist (or their links) in %ORACLE_HOME%/network/admin

2.  Verify parameters and log file locations

3. Configure IPC local database connections (optional)

4.  Move sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora files to %ORACLE_BASE%/admin/snet/admin directory and create links in each  %ORACLE_HOME%/network/admin directory

 Utility Setup

 1.       Create %ORACLE_BASE%/local directory and create “log” and “script” subdirectories

2.       Set up dbcontrol and orasetup utilities

3.       Set up dbora utility and follow script directions to install in /etc/init.d

4.       Optionally add:  Backup utility (e.g. bkctrl)

  • logdelete utility
  • chkdberr utility
  • SYSMON utility
  • SPACEMON utility

5. Create crontab/schedule entries for any installed utilities


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