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Archive for the ‘E-Business Suite R12’ Category

How to Implement TDE

Posted by appsinfo on April 3, 2018

Now that we have got the documentation to implement TDE. At high level we can follow below steps and mark these as check list during deployment or cut-over to production. Below steps are performed on EBS R12.2 on Solaris operating system.

Folks make sure you take full backup before importing the database including the binaries. A snapshot of entire stack is best option.

  1. Perform Pre TDE steps as per the Doc ID: 1926686.1
  2. Export complete database using data pump
  3. Create new empty database
  4. ENCRYPT the application tablespace
  5. Create and open the wallet
  6. Import the complete database using data pump to the encrypted tablespace
  7. Perform post TDE steps

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TDE- Transparent Data Encryption

Posted by appsinfo on April 3, 2018

TDE is designed to provide customers the ability to transparently apply encryption within the database without impacting existing applications. Transparent data encryption helps protect data stored on media in the event that the storage media or data file gets stolen, because it stores the encryption keys in a security module (that is, a keystore) external to the database. Protecting data from this type of theft is required for most compliance regulations. The benefit to using transparent data encryption is that it requires little coding and is quick and easy to implement.

More Details

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Not able to cancel concurrent request & Unable to activate CM after cloning

Posted by appsinfo on August 20, 2012

Below are the two issues that I have faced after cloning from production

Q: How to terminate a concurrent request that cannot be cancelled

1.  Identify the request number to terminate.

2.  Shut down the concurrent managers and issue the following sql command as applsys:

            update fnd_concurrent_requests  set status_code = ‘E’, phase_code = ‘C’  where Request_id = <reqnum>; (reqnum = request number)

Q: A Manager is not activating.         

Check the count in sys.dual, system.dual, & apps.fnd_dual. There should only be one (1) row for each. 
If the count is greater, change to one only. This can be done from sqlplus as  follows:

    As user apps:
                   select * from SYS.DUAL;

    Any extra rows should be deleted.

                   delete rownum from SYS.DUAL; (rownum = the row number to delete)

    Any extra rows for apps.fnd_dual must be removed by performing the following SQL command:

                 delete from fnd_dual where rownum < (select max(rownum) from fnd_dual);

**For more on concurrent managers you can refer to FAQ (Concurrent Manager Unix specific Note ID: 105101.1)**

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Not able to Access the R12 Login Page After Cloning

Posted by appsinfo on June 6, 2010

Recently I have faced issue which was result of corrupt java class files under $COMMON_TOP/_pages


1. After cloning environement OA R12
– Cloning terminated OK
– Adconfig terminated OK
– Process Oracle application are launched without error
– Connection to database is OK

2. Trying to access the environment: Login Page not displayed (No Error Displayed)


1. Shut down the Application Tier

2.Run “” from $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin

perl –compile –flush -p 2

3. Run autoconfig on both db and apps tiers

4. Bring up the services and test login

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R12-FNDFS Error

Posted by appsinfo on May 19, 2010

An error occurred while attempting to establish an Applications File Server connection with the node FNDFS

Error: In R12, After running a request, while we view the Log and from that when we want to take the log using Tools –> Copy to the File, the following Error Occurs

An error occurred while attempting to establish an Applications File Server connection with the node FNDFS_. There may be a network configuration problem, or the TNS listener on node FNDFS_ may not be running. Please contact your system administrator.

Cause : The RRA is Not Enabled in the Profile Option.

Solution :

In the Profile Option –>system –> RRA ->RRA: Enabled is set as No in Site Level. Make it to Yes.

Save and Logout and Retest the Issue.

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