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How to Implement TDE

Posted by appsinfo on April 3, 2018

Now that we have got the documentation to implement TDE. At high level we can follow below steps and mark these as check list during deployment or cut-over to production. Below steps are performed on EBS R12.2 on Solaris operating system.

Folks make sure you take full backup before importing the database including the binaries. A snapshot of entire stack is best option.

  1. Perform Pre TDE steps as per the Doc ID: 1926686.1
  2. Export complete database using data pump
  3. Create new empty database
  4. ENCRYPT the application tablespace
  5. Create and open the wallet
  6. Import the complete database using data pump to the encrypted tablespace
  7. Perform post TDE steps

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Recover Database using RMAN

Posted by appsinfo on November 22, 2012

 Oracle Database full Restore using RMAN

Scenario #: Let’s say your database is crashed due to some reason and you are not able to access the database or all data files were deleted or OS file system was restored due to crash or you attempted cloning and the clone failed and would like to restore from previous/last valid available full backup.

 Ideal Pre-Requisite: 

  • Valid full database backup available – controlfiles, datafiles, archivelogs
  • All OS file system and mounts points have been restored (LINUX or UNIX) 

Steps to Restore 

  • Create a directory on linux/unix machine  “mkdir restore” /U01/DEV/rman_backup/restore 
  • Locate the control file; we usually backup the control file in the same location along with data backup. 
  • Restore the control file

                 Connect to the database in nomount 

                $ sqlplus / as sysdba

                SQL> shutdown immediate OR shutdown abort

                SQL> startup nomount

                SQL> show parameter control_files

                SQL> exit

                $ rman target /


                Connected to target database <SID> (not mounted)

                RMAN> restore controlfile from ‘/U01/DEV/rman_backup/controlfile_name.ctlbkup’; 

  • Restore the database

                                 RMAN> alter database mount;

                                RMAN> restore database;

                                RMAN> recover database;

                                RMAN> alter database open resetlogs;

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